For Pools That Can't Use A Deck Reel



Brings You the First and Only Modular System that

"Takes the Hassle Out of Rolling Solar Covers"

For Freeform Pools With Limited Deck Space

And there's Nothing on Your Deck!

"Are You Struggling With a Solar Cover
You Have to Tug On and Off by Hand?"

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A Simple, Fast & Affordable Device That

Rolls Covers in Just 15 Seconds!


"Rolls Freeform Pools Like Pieces of a Puzzle"

"Would you like the benefits of having warm water,
a cleaner pool, and saving money on your water bills?"

HD Animation of the Assembly

split cover

The Solar Roller ® CoverStick™ is a modular free-floating affordable lightweight device that rolls covers directly on the water in sections like pieces of a puzzle. Different from traditional deck reels that sit at the end of your pool, the hidden tubes for our modular Split-Cover System™ attach directly to the underside of each cover section to overcome bends and bottle-necks in your pool. The Split-Cover System™ works on almost any shape pool, especially pools that cannot use a traditional deck reel.


Gets the rolling device off your deck at a fraction of the price of a deck reel. Why clutter up your beautiful deck when the already floating cover can roll directly on the water? Tubes integrate directly with the cover and actually become part of the cover. Install it once and it's always ready to go. Just pop on the crank and roll in just 15 seconds.

  • Helps your pool service to quickly roll the cover, something they'll like
  • Rolls covers easily in just 15 seconds a side
  • To cover the pool, just pull the roll open along the deck, and slide it in
  • Takes the hassle out of owning a solar cover
  • Hidden rollers are better than deck reels which are an obstruction on your deck
  • Beats Solar Sun Rings that take several minutes to fish out of the pool
  • Compact, lightweight, and easy to move or leave rolls floating pushed to the side
  • Simple to install, just split your cover and install the rollers, no tools required
  • One size fits all, up to 20x40ft pools, even lap pools and L-shapes
  • Modular Split-Cover System™ overcomes odd-shaped pools or pools with limited deck space
  • Makes having warm water affordable, and you save even more on your water bills
  • Helps you keep debris out of the pool, so your pool stays clean
  • And many more benefits ...

BEFORE: A Trashy Pool  -  AFTER: A Clean & Happy Pool

So Give Us a Try ...

If you're tired of hassling with your pool cover, want to have warm water, save water and chemicals, have a cleaner pool, without spending an arm and a leg, then give us a try. It's a simple approach to handling your solar cover.. "Rolling on the Water in Sections, Like Pieces of a Puzzle."

Thank you,   David Hoff  -  Without the Hassle ..
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Over 2000 Systems Sold!

(Solar Cover Sold Separately)

Backed by a 5-Year Warranty


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Works for Aboveground Pools Too

solar roller abovegroundsolar roller aboveground

Rolls Easy on a 28ft Round Aboveground Pool

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sf logo Solar Roller & Caddy

IMPORTANT MESSAGE ABOUT COVER SAFETY! As a safety measure, always roll BOTH sections of the solar cover. In contrast to full covers that can engulf a person or animal, splitting the solar cover and placing the tubes across the smaller sections may make solar covers safer because the spanning tubes add a ridge of support across the smaller solar cover sections. In addition, the split-cover opens right up if you or an animal were to walk or fall onto the cover, and the spanning tubes may even provide something else to grab on to. In this way we believe we have helped to make solar covers safer.



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" I have a kidney shaped pool so using a deck reel for the pool cover would not work efficiently. The Solar Roller works exactly and as easily as advertised. For over a year I have used the Solar Roller for my pool and spa here in southwest Florida and I can report that your product has proven very durable notwithstanding the high temperatures and harsh sun. I wish you all the best and compliment you on this fine product."

Mark H, Naples, FL

"The Solar Rollers work GREAT! Thanks for the suggestions you emailed back too. I was leery of the one position, but it worked perfectly. We are using the solar cover & rollers in conjunction with the Heliocol solar system (installed by the previous owner of our home) on the roof. We hope to be able to use the pool well into November! "

Eric Hanson, Mesa, AZ

"We love your product. My 12 year old easily gets the 2 halves of our 30ft round cover out of the pool each day."

K. McGeown, New Jersey

"Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! If you ever need a reference, let us know."

Pat and Bill Wood, L. A. (Lower Alabama)

"The product is very easy to use, it is easy to carry when all water is drained out."

Thank you, Sheila

"I am very pleased with the quality of your product and I'm really happy to NOT be awakened every morning by the sound of the pool heater."

Thanks, Mike

"Just received the Solar Roller and, you guys are geniuses! The design is elegant yet simple and effective...kudoes to you all ...I will pass the word."

Jamie and Robert

"I received it yesterday and I am very pleased with it's performance. Such a simple Idea."

Thank you! Michael Bell

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